Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happiness is... #WOIW

Today I was at soccer game at the park. A lovely Sunday, a little breezy and the sun was shining. I was sitting in folding chair and there was this child, about age 3, wearing bright blue cowboy boots and playing with a soccer ball. He was dropping the ball then chasing it and giggling. His face was full of pure happiness. Watching him got me thinking about this weeks Word of Inspiration 'Happiness' over at Kraafters Kommunity.

So many things that make us humans happy are circles or rounded. Balls make kids insanely happy, as do hula hoops and merry go rounds. The sun makes me happy when it shines on my face. Being alive on earth makes most people happy. Plates of cookies make me happy. On G+ we have circles of friends. My family is my circle of love... you get the idea of where I am going with this right?

So today I decided to put my strange wandering (and circling) thoughts into my art journal with this page. Happiness is...Circles.

To start out with I drew a little guy with his soccer ball on a piece of scrap watercolor paper and cut him out.

Next I colored the figure in using acrylic tube paints and a lot of blending with water and a brush.

Step 3 was working on my background page . I wanted a lot of circles so I use 3 different sized containers off my desk to draw a sun and then painted it in with acrylics. Then I used some wasted cardstock that I had punched out several sizes of circles for another project. I applied different colors of paint through this 'stencil' with a sponge and then wiped off some of the paint with a baby wipe to give it a more organic feel. To finish off the background I stamped some circles all over with white pigment ink. 

After gluing my figure onto the page I decided to add a stamped title with some black archival ink. I found the center of the page and then stamped from the center of the words out to make sure my title was in the center. Finally I wrote in a few 'circle' words with a white gel pen.

I hope you enjoyed my page. Post a comment if you did :) <3 Shel


  1. Oh such a lovely little boy, and so nicely coloured! Love the circles as well :-)

    1. Thank you Ruth. I was trying to show the idea of this exuberant boy from the park. He made me so happy just watching him with that ball!

  2. Great illustration. Shel! I could see you do illustrations for children's books professionally! The background is perfect too!

  3. You are so sweet Zsuzsa! Illustrations would be a great job if I could ever feel confident enough to try. I always struggle with the eyes and the hands the most!

  4. Shapes... most don't notice in every day life. His expression is a dream.

  5. Absolutely, happiness is circles! And he looks so happy :)


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