Thursday, December 6, 2018

Make Some Collage Ornaments!

Hello Friends,
Today on the ART Joy of Sharing LIVEstream show, Peg and I made Holiday Ornaments. Mine were made with lots of scraps from my scrapbox in a folk art sort of way. Collage with a homey sort of design.

If you would enjoy making some of these cute collage ornaments, I have a handout pattern for you. 

PDF Pattern Sheet for the Ornaments

Shel C

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Autumn Collie Paper Painting for Tea for Titania Charity Auction

Hello Friends,

Today I want to share a special paper painted canvas I made for the upcoming Tea for Titania charity auction event. A once a year high tea in the high desert of California. This charity was started by family friends, parents of an inspiring young artist who lost her battle with cancer. She loved and was uplifted by the therapy dogs that visited her in the hospital during treatments. She wanted to support the dogs being trained so they could visit more sick people who need their unconditional love. That is how the Titania K9 Fund for Dog Therapy was born. The mascot for the fund was drawn by the same young artist. If you would like to learn more about this worthy charity, attend the event, or donate to the cause you can visit the website here Titania K9 Fund for Dog Therapy

Here is my art piece that will be auctioned at the tea November 4th.

To watch the video of my process of making this piece 

Thank you for visiting <3 Shel

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Gel Printing - Dark & Bright & Halo Techniques

Hello Friends,

I have a new gel printing technique to share today as well as a second version of it with and additional step added. I call it Dark & Bright technique..and the alternate is the Halo version. These are processes in gel printing that I sort of accidentally created...but they are very popular prints and people keep asking me 'how did you make that?". So here is the step out and video of the process.

Dark & Bright Technique
Step 1 - Apply a layer of dark paint to your gel plate.

Step 2 - Lay a stencil over the paint. A stencil with a lot of open spaces is best.

Step 3 - Use a piece of paper to remove as much paint as you can through the stencil. I like deli paper for this step as it is slightly translucent and also thin so I can push it into the holes of the stencil.

Step 4 - Leaving the stencil in place on the plate, use a smaller brayer to apply 3-4 bright colors over the stencil. I like to use my 6 X 6 gel plate as a palette when I do this step. It also makes great grungey clean up prints.

Step 5 - Remove the stencil and make sure that the paint on the plate is fairly dry. If it is wet and gloppy the next step will fail.

Step 6 - Apply a THIN layer of neutral colored paint over the dried paint on the plate. If you apply too heavy of a layer it will not adhere and pull the paint off. You should be able to see the pattern through the layer of paint.

Step 7 - Burnish the paper well with your hands or a brayer and then pull the print slowly. The plate should be clean when you have pulled it up..all the layers coming off onto the paper.
Tah dah! :) Dark & Bright
For the Halo version of the technique...between step 3 & step 4... apply a complete layer of paint over the stencil. On this one I used copper metallic paint. Then remove the paint like you did with the dark paint onto the deli paper. Don't press as hard or try to remove as much paint. Then carry on with the rest of the steps.
Each shape has a copper halo around it which is why I named this version..Halo :)

So here is the link to the video that has lots more samples of the technique as well as live action and talking in case you did not understand everything :)

Thanks for reading my blog everyone and if you do the technique and post photos on social media ..use the hashtag #darknbrightShelC. That way I can see and like all your prints! That would be awesome!!!!
<3 Shel

Monday, August 6, 2018

Fiber Princess

Hello Friends,

I am trying to make an effort to really keep up with my blog as well as my Youtube channel... They should compliment each other! I am struggling to write posts along with my posting videos. I guess by the time I film, photograph, edit, voice over, and upload a video I am tired LOL. is me trying!

My newest project started out on the ART Joy of Sharing LIVEstream channel as a show about how to use fibers and textiles in your mixed media. I did not have time to finish it on that show as we only livestream for 1 1/2 hours on Thursday mornings. So I finished it up today (Monday) and now have a video up of the finishing process in addition to the footage from the livesteam. Here are some photos of the project (which I am IN LOVE with) and a link to the video as well.

This sassy 6X6 canvas was one I made off camera to test out some of my ideas for the livestream show. I will be giving her a way as one of the 10 original art pieces to celebrate 10k subscribers on my Youtube channel later this month.

Thanks for reading my blog! Leave me a comment or question below if you want to.
 <3 Shel

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Trip of a Lifetime Overview :)

Hello Friends :)

It is August and Summer is already almost that went fast! I have a couple of exciting things to talk about this time. First is my July trip of a lifetime to Scotland and Ireland. I know some of you have been asking and awaiting hearing about my trip. If you are one of them...I have a vlog today on my channel that includes a flip through of my travel journal and stories about the pages and what they mean that might interest you. And I have added a few extra photos that I did not share in the video just for my blog reading friends!

  • 1-3 'My' castle in Scotland. Ok..built by an ancient ancestor of mine LOL
  • 4 Coming into Ireland..looks like a cool tapestry with the hedgerows and penny walls 
  •  5-6 Ghost tour...St. Kevin's Church and cool ironworks outside Dublin Castle
  • 7 Hop on Hop off tour..I saw so many decorative iron works, stone work, & doors around Dublin but this one is my favorite of all.
  • 8-10 Christ Church and Dublina Viking Museum
  • 11 Fairy Garden at Malahide Castle
  • 13-14 Fishing town of Howth
  • 15 Carrick a rede rope bridge
  • 16-17 Giant's Causeway
  • 18-20 Cliffs of Moher
  • 21 Dunluce Castle
  • 22 Coming back into Portland at the end of the trip - Mount Hood
I hope you enjoyed my information about my trip! 
My other big news for this month is that my channel reached 10 thousand subscribers! I am so excited about this that I will be doing a give away on my channel of (10) 6x6 original art pieces I have created on the channel. So stay tuned for that video this month where you can comment and have an opportunity to win one of my art pieces.

Thanks everyone! <3 Shel

Saturday, June 23, 2018

June and Artist Trading Card Maddness

Hello friends :)

Once again this year Peg and I decided it would be a great idea to have a artist trading card a day challenge in June. Is it a great idea or madness? You choose LOL. Lots of people have joined in the challenge and there are beautiful little bits of art everywhere on social media! Just use the hashtag #ATCAD2018 in a search bar and you can find them...everywhere :) Bringing a little color and light and love into your days with tiny cards! Here are just a few of mine I like the best.

There are LOTS more up now and of course still more coming until the end of the month.

To check out how I made all of these and many more..try watching this playlist on my Youtube channel!

Have fun watching them :) <3 Shel