Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oh My Gosh....It has been so LONG!

Hello Friends :)

I have been a bad bad blogger lately. It has been so long since I updated all of you on what I have been doing! I will place the blame on the Index Card A Day Challenge...LOL. Doing something for 61 days..every day..and making videos about it really takes time. Especially when you are also doing all the regular videos and commitments you have in well as planning to be gone for a week at the end of the month. I will be attending a family reunion with my Mother and it is going to be huge! over 150 cousins.. most of whom I have never met. Those who know me personally..know I am uncomfortable in crowds and social it will be a bit stressful for me I think. We will see how it goes! There are lots of fun Youtube collaborations are going on during the time I will be I have doubled up and made videos that I have pre-scheduled to go live then. And of course the rest of the ICADs.  Yes, busy busy busy..the way I like it. So let's update you on what I have done since the last time I posted here....

Well there have been 26 Index Cards since then...oh boy!

What else..let's see...I did a fabulous flamingo collaboration with the artist Audie G..

I announced the two winners of my 2000 subscriber give away and made videos of their personalized canvases..

I shared a commissioned project that took over 20 hours to create. Try fitting that into a 20 minute video lol.

A cute little canvas for a Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew collaboration...

We announced a new Artist Trading Card challenge in the Pick a Stick Challenge Group and I made a video of the ATCs we will give away at the end of the month. Our PASC pages will be coming out on video on July 29th.

And I recently did the Mission Inspiration July art journal page challenge as well ;)

That is a pretty decent over view I think. There might have been a few other things thrown in there that I forgot. Videos of all this art can be seen on my Youtube channel linked here.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day!
<3 Shel