Friday, April 24, 2015

Shine Altered Tag

Hello Friends :) I thought I would share another step out for an altered tag. I did this one for the monthly tag swap over at Creating and Sharing Mixed Media , a very fun and friendly G+ community. I don't usually do step outs for swap items I make...because by the time my swap partner has received it...I am on to the next thing. For some reason, I had photos of this one on my phone here it is :) The theme for the month of April swap was 'shine'. This brought to mind a song I really love..aptly called...Shine :) The song is by Collective Soul. If you haven't heard it, maybe give it a listen HERE. The lyrics are awesome. This song totally inspired my tag! 

To begin with I went on the Internet and found the lyrics to the song. Then I cut a manila folder to fit my printer and printed out the lyrics onto it. I used Microsoft Publisher desk top publishing program to make sure it would fit into the 2" X 7" shipping tag size.

I cut the piece into the tag shape. Then, because I was pretty sure the printer ink would smear everywhere if I did my style of art over it...I applied a coat of Liquitex Clear Gesso over it with my 2" brayer. Oh My Gosh! This worked SO WELL. I am sealing everything this way now :)

Next I sketched on my figure and scene. The girl is looking up to Heaven like in the song. And of course I needed the sun to shine :) I painted over the girl using white gesso to make the text go into the background more.

Next, I use my Neocolor II water soluble crayons to color and shade the figure. I blended out my colors with a bit of white acrylic as I usually do.

For the background coloring I used Japanese 'markers' that my friend ordered for me off Amazon. These are really cool! Instead of the usual felt type nib, they have nylon brush tips like the Aquash water holding brushes. Incidentally I used a Aquash watercolor brush to blend the colors :)

My final step for my tag was to add black Stabilo pencil and blend it with my brush. And add some highlights to the hair using a copper Sharpie Poster Paint Pen. 

Then I mounted my tag on some shimmery copper cardstock and added some ribbons to the top hole. I tied a couple of tiny tags with copper thread for interest as well.

I hope you enjoyed my project :)
If you got this far...then leave me a comment!
<3 Shel

PS..I won't be posting next week as I am going away for a 'post chemo celebration' . Thanks Mom for getting us a great place to stay <3

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Is On Your Workdesk #307 - Catch all Catch Up

 Hello Friends and Desk Hoppers :)

Last night instead of preparing my 'desk hopping linky party extravaganza post'...complete with a informative step out of a project with nicely edited photos... I went to the Broadway show, Newsies, with my Mother. The show was great. Lots of talented singers and dancers cavorting around the stage telling the story of child labors in the 1940s who formed a union and shut down New York City. This seems like a sad story...but they made it fun and powerful with lots of anthem like songs and plenty and stomp dancing. And of course, a forbidden romance thrown in for color :) So today you are getting a thrown together catch all catch up sort of a post instead of my usual thing. To start off, here is my messy desk :)

For those of you who follow along week to week..No I did not finish up that painting that was on my desk last week. Instead, I got completely sidetracked. You can see on my desk that I have become obsessed with ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) I had no idea how fun these little babies could be! A small and quick way to practice different media and of course, your drawing skills. LOVE THEM. It actually started with the idea of swapping a 'pocket letter' with a fellow Kraaft Shaak Design Team member. But I think it has blossomed into another tangent off the road of 'what I should be doing' LOL Here is a closer look at a couple of them that meet the monthly Kraaft Shaak Kommunity challenge. This month, the challenge was to use Turquoise and Red together. So here you go! #KSCAPR15

I actually started out this week to try to catch up with some of the stuff I have let slide recently. I did catch up on The Documented Life art journaling challenges before my tangent into ATCs.  The one for April 4th  was a watercolor challenge. A shout out to the guest artist Gina Lee Kim. I love her bright and whimsical watercolor pieces! She teaches a few classes I would like to take...but...I am already behind on the other classes I have committed to :(

The week of April 11th was a acrylic paint challenge with the prompt 'cry me a river'. That brought me to the lyrics from the song Bridge Over Trouble Water..and straight into a sentimental place. This page is about how special it is to have someone to help you when you are going through a hard time, I hope each of you have someone like that in your lives.

The challenge for April 18th was to use a Gelli Plate in your spread. Well, I have not even looked at what the other artist's did for this. I dove right in and made a night time city using my 5" X 7" rectangle Gelli Plate. I LOVE these things I tell you! If you haven't tried them, you should :) Oh, and as you can see, I went for the #KSCAPR15 color challenge colors, Turquoise and Red :)

I also made a altered tag this week for Cards and More By Sheri's 'Tag It Tuesday' linky party. I am pretty darn proud of how my tag turned out. You can check that out here if you are interested :)

Much Love!
<3 Shel

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tag It Tuesday - Live the Rainbow

Hi Creative Friends :)

Today is that fun once a month linky party called 'Tag It Tuesday' over at Cards and More by Sheri. It is so fun to make a altered tag and then share it with my friends ;) If you are so inclined...make a tag and join in the linky party for some fun! The theme Sheri picked for April is rain and rainbows. For my tag I went full on with making my rain into bright and shimmery colors :)

I am a big fan of drips and splatters! It is so fun to just let inks and paints go where they want in a free form sort of way. I wanted to use my new tube of 'Magicals' powders by Lindy's Stamp Gang named Victorian Bouquet. If you have never played with should! They are intensely pigmented powder with super fine shimmery Mica in them. For my process I made the powder into liquid paint by putting a tiny bit in a little plastic jar with a lid (from the dollar store) and then adding a bit of water to mix. Then I used a plastic pipette to drop the color onto the top of my tag and let it drip down. For some of the drips I also used my DR Ph Martins' liquid watercolors that come with their own dropper inside the bottles. Once I had my drips, then I spritzed the paper slightly to make it look more rainy.

Next, I set my rainbow colored rain aside to dry and started on my main focus image. I sketched a girl with a umbrella on a separate piece of manila and then colored her. I used Caran de ache Neocolor II crayons mixed with white acrylic paint for the face and then colored the umbrella using my mixed Magicals paints. I finished up by using the DR Ph Martin's 'black' liquid watercolor for her hair and details. 

Once my rainbow girl was finished, I cut her out and applied her to the tag using Liquitex Matte Gel Medium.

Now for some more small details. I had painted my shimmery Magicals paints on a scrap piece of manila tag and decided to use that for some colorful raindrops. I used a heart shaped punch and then cut the punched hearts in half to make my raindrops.

Then, I needed some words. I used my computer to make a saying and put it into different fonts for interest. Then I printed it on regular paper and cut it out. I applied it to my tag using matte gel medium.

Next, I put on my rain drops using tacky glue. Then I added a little bit of spatter in different colors. I also used my Black Stabilo All pencil blended with a Aquash brush to add some shadows to the drops and the umbrella. And I used my white Posca paint pen to add some highlights. 

The tag was so colorful and shimmery...but I still craved more bling, so I added some Stickles glitter glue for a final touch :) After it was dry, I added ribbons and fibers in rainbow colors to the top.

Here are some close ups trying to get a photo of the shimmer and glitz. 

I hope you enjoyed my tag for 'Tag It Tuesday' at Cards and More by Sheri

<3 Shel

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spark Some Creativity Saturday @ The Kraaft Shaak

Hello Friends :)

Yay!!!!! It is my first ever Kraaft Shaak Design Team post! I have been waiting all of April to show you the first item I have created with my Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit exclusively from the Kraaft Shaak Shop :) When you order a Mixed Media Kit from the shop, you get a choice of a 'alterable item' and my kit included an adorable 5" X 9" wooden tray. So for this 'Spark Some Kreativity Saturday' feature I will show you how I altered my tray. I chose to make it into a jewelry catcher for when I take off my rings and bracelets for washing up. You could also use it as a valet on your dresser or a keys and change catcher by the door. Really, just a cute little catch all to store those items you don't want to lose, but are too tired to put away right then :)

To begin with, my wooden tray came painted in off white with a floral design in the center. A interesting thing I noticed immediately was that the beautiful napkin that also came in the kit was a perfect fit for the inside of the tray. So I knew I would be using a panel of it as part of my altering for sure!

So, the first thing I did to my tray was to lightly sand off the raised part of the design as well as peel the sticker off the bottom. Then I give it a good coat of black gesso over the whole tray. I used black gesso because it gives a good foundation for however I wanted to alter the tray. In addition, it is very opaque and I knew it would completely cover the former painted design. 

Next, I decided to use the Art Extravagance Copper Crackle Paste from Finabair. This is one of the samples I chose for my kit. I applied the paste with a palette knife on the edges of the tray. Then I had to let this dry overnight.  

The next day, I decided to paint the inside portions of the tray with the other sample I had chosen. 
The Prima Chalk Board Paint in Charcoal. I was amazed how opaque and matte this paint is and how little I used. Basically, just the paint that was on the lid of the sample container covered it all. I left the bottom inside part of the tray unpainted as I was planning to collage over it anyway.

Now I decided I wanted a design on the inner sides of the tray, so I used a stencil from Mr. Hueys and a small stencil brush to apply a repeating pattern using the Copper Crackle Paste. And...more drying time!

Next, it was time to start the collage I had planned for the inside bottom of the tray. I cut apart one of the six panels of the napkin and peeled away the extra blank layers in preparation to apply it. But when I laid it into the tray, the black gesso peeked through the thin napkin and made it seem dark and dingy. So I first painted a layer of Art Basics Heavy Gesso in White. Then I applied the napkin using Art Basics 3D Matte Gel as a glue. I smoothed the napkin using a old plastic keycard to remove any bubbles.

After a short dry time,  I then laid out my collage using items that came in the Mixed Media kit, as well as a few from my stash. The kit comes with a random assortment of lots of different paper samples, metal findings, and ephemera..from book pages to die cuts to maps & sheet music . The fun is you never know what cool stuff you will get! A good tip to remember is to lay out your collage until it pleases you, and then take a photo with your phone camera so you can remember what it looked like as you do the gluing. I attached all my pieces using the 3D Matte gel in a heavy layer.

Now for some BLING. Another fun feature of the Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media kit is the samples of the different types of Finabair add ins like glass glitter, mica flakes, and mini beads. I can't get enough of the sparkle factor! So, I used a few of my samples in places where my 3D Matte Gel was thick. In some cases I added more gel in places where I needed it. Then of course, more drying time!

Once my collage was dry, I really felt my repeating pattern with the Copper crackle paste wasn't showing up enough, so I decided to outline it using a Black Posca paint pen. I did this by placing the stencil over the areas and drawing through the holes. This added a bit more drama to the design.

Now, I decided if I was going to place my wooden try next to the sink to catch my rings and bracelets, I really didn't want the bottom sitting in water. So, I thought I should add some feet to give it height. For these feet I used 1/2" wooden beads. I first painted them with black gesso while keeping them on skewers. Then I dipped them into the crackle paste and smoothed off the excess. Finally, I heated them with my heat tool for speed drying. Then I used E6000 glue to attached them in each corner of the bottom of the tray. 

To finish off my tray project and make it truly functional I needed to really seal up the collaged and 'blinged up" inside bottom of the tray. To do this I used a resin product called Envirotex. It is a pouring resin that gives a hard thick coat. I carefully measured and mixed it as directed and filled up the bottom of the tray. Then as any bubbles arose I popped them by blowing on them with a straw. Then I placed the whole tray under a plastic box for over 24 hours to harden. I think this step really makes for a professional looking finished altered item!

I hope you enjoyed my project for Spark Some Creativity Saturday from the Kraaft Shaak!
Leave me some blog hugs in the comments if you liked it :)
<3 Shel

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little Me and WOYWW #306

Hello All :)

It is almost Wednesday again and I am NOT missing the desk snooping again this week! I have been doing many artsy things..trying to catch up after falling behind on all my artsy things list...but I have not been blogging them. BAD SHEL..BAD! So I have a cute project to show you today as you all peruse the world seeing what everyone has on their desks. Don't know what I am talking about? Click HERE to check out the blog hop :)

So... it all started in a google hangout with my friends and fellow Kraaft Shaak Design Team compatriots. (speaking of the Kraaft Shaak Design Team...shameless plug here...Don't forget to stop by my blog this Saturday the 18th of April and check my first ever DT post!) Anyway..we were discussing how to price our art..This led to Sylvia saying she is very proud to have a 'Heather' and a 'Shel' in her home. She meant our art. However, this led to giggling about her having tiny Heathers and Shels sitting on her mantle And that led to me thinking about this cute project that Monica D was showing in Creating and Sharing Mixed Media. She called them Art Blocks, but to me they seemed like wooden Artist Trading Cards which are 2 /12" X 3 1/2" inch works of art for swapping. However, Monica made them into these ADORABLE little people. So I said..we (the Design Team) need to create these of all of us so we can have someone to talk to on those middle of the night studio sessions. If you are still following me...that is what lead to this! A Little me...

It also led to this. Me setting aside the painting I was working on to make a little me AND a mess :)

So, to start with I printed a photo of myself... SELFIE... and attached it to a round wood finding that is 2" X 2" using matte gel medium. Once it was dry, I sanded the edge smooth with a sanding block and set it aside.

Next the body. I used a wooden finding measuring 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" with small holes drilled in the top corners. (found at Michael's craft store) I decorated it in my favorite painting style...intuitive mixed 'core' if you will... at the moment. I started with some favorite colors of acrylic paints and painted them in color blocks on both sides of the wooden block.

Then I used a stencil from Crafter's Workshop and a cosmetic sponge to make some designs on both sides. Once that was dry I used my Archival ink pad to do some stamping over the painted wood.

Then I sketched one of my most favorite images...the tree. I added a hanging heart as well. Then I used a wash of purple and white acrylic to paint the negative space making the image come forward. Finally I finished my body painting (you know what I mean) using my favorite white and black Posca paint pens.

Now for the legs/feet. I used 1/2" wooden beads and painted them with black gesso. Then I painted some white stripes..not very having the beads the ends of paintbrushes and 'twirling' them while holding a brush dipped in white up close. After I glued these on to my wooden body, I realised they were not stable enough. So I found some chip board circles in a drawer and painted them black and glued those to the bottom of the 'leg beads'.

To finish up my little me...I glued the pieces together using E6000 glue. Then I made some arms using some plastic pony beads on wire with a square wood bead at the end for hands. I glued a tiny clothes pen to one hand so she could hold something. Then I added some fibers for hair and a crown made of paper, sequins and beads (because I'm a Princess of course :)

I hope you enjoyed my Little Me project. Leave me a comment :)
<3 Shel

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Block is GONE!

Hello You :)

Have you been wondering where the heck I have been? Why no art posted and why no blog?? Or maybe no one is OK too. Well..I have discovered a big thing about my muse's personality. We don't like ART when it is WORK... In fact it gives us a creative block! I had a piece I needed to finish for a customer...a paper painting in the shape of a cougar. I fussed and stewed and procrastinated..and fussed some more. I am not sure if I resist art on demand...or maybe I don't like being told what to create? I am not sure..I just know I am soooo far behind now due to that piece needing to GET DONE! It did..get done. And now the block is gone..whew... Of course I have a nasty crud bug now..but I can fight through that!

So first BIG NEWS... The Kraaft Shaak's NEW feature 'Spark Some Kreativity Saturday' has begun! Our design team leader, Sandra, has written a blog post about her gorgeous positivity bank made from the Kraaft Shaak mixed media kit. If you missed it..check it out here Artfully Made 4 U. This upcoming Saturday will be Sylvia's turn. Then it is me on April 18th, followed by keep your eyes peeled for our projects!

With the  creative block I decided I better get some of the swap items I have for April done :) I made my tag for the tag swap in the Creating and Sharing Mixed Media group on G+ (but I will share that later after my partner gets it :) And then I worked on my spread for the round robin journal swap I am in as well. I tell you what..I LOVE this spread and I don't want to send the journal on (sorry Claudia, your journal got lost in the mail?) LOL

So here is my process for this two page art journal spread. To start off I did some intuitive painting. I gessoed the page and taped the center using masking tape. Next I picked all my favorite colors of acrylic paints. Then with a one inch flat brush I just started to paint the page. I did the cool colors first and then let that dry and did the warm they didn't blend and make yucky brown.

Next I got out a few stencils. Two from Mr Huey and one from Crafter's workshop. I used the same colors of paint, only lightened with a bit of white. I randomly applied marks using a stiff stencil brush.

Then I made some more marks using my finger around the page. I like the feel of paint on my fingers! I also made some yellow drips with acrylic ink.

After this background had dried, I started to sketch my scene. I made a face on the right side and then painted the skin areas with white gesso. Then I sketched in some mountains and a sun. Then to make the background recede a bit I started glazing and blotting. The same blue for the sky mixed with a bit of white and lots of water. Orange for the sun. Still staying with the same colors of paint.

Next I I drew heavy black lines with a Sharpie poster pen. Then, shaded and colored the face. I used water soluble crayons and water pens... mixed with white acrylic paint for this. For a simple step out of this process see my inner and outer world post here 

Once the face was done to my satisfaction I did some more glazing around the girl and sketched in some flowers on the lower left side.

Then, I wrote my words on a piece of deli paper using a black Posca pen. I prefer to do writing this way so that I can just toss it and start over if I mess up. Also, I can position the words better on the page. I attached this piece using liquid matte medium by Liquitex.

My final step was to add some 'bling' using Stickles glitter glue. I applied it on the sun, the flowers, the hair, and on her cheek. I smeared it in with my finger instead of leaving it dimensional.

I hope you have enjoyed my step out for today :)
Here is the cougar that caused the

<3 Shel