Friday, April 24, 2015

Shine Altered Tag

Hello Friends :) I thought I would share another step out for an altered tag. I did this one for the monthly tag swap over at Creating and Sharing Mixed Media , a very fun and friendly G+ community. I don't usually do step outs for swap items I make...because by the time my swap partner has received it...I am on to the next thing. For some reason, I had photos of this one on my phone here it is :) The theme for the month of April swap was 'shine'. This brought to mind a song I really love..aptly called...Shine :) The song is by Collective Soul. If you haven't heard it, maybe give it a listen HERE. The lyrics are awesome. This song totally inspired my tag! 

To begin with I went on the Internet and found the lyrics to the song. Then I cut a manila folder to fit my printer and printed out the lyrics onto it. I used Microsoft Publisher desk top publishing program to make sure it would fit into the 2" X 7" shipping tag size.

I cut the piece into the tag shape. Then, because I was pretty sure the printer ink would smear everywhere if I did my style of art over it...I applied a coat of Liquitex Clear Gesso over it with my 2" brayer. Oh My Gosh! This worked SO WELL. I am sealing everything this way now :)

Next I sketched on my figure and scene. The girl is looking up to Heaven like in the song. And of course I needed the sun to shine :) I painted over the girl using white gesso to make the text go into the background more.

Next, I use my Neocolor II water soluble crayons to color and shade the figure. I blended out my colors with a bit of white acrylic as I usually do.

For the background coloring I used Japanese 'markers' that my friend ordered for me off Amazon. These are really cool! Instead of the usual felt type nib, they have nylon brush tips like the Aquash water holding brushes. Incidentally I used a Aquash watercolor brush to blend the colors :)

My final step for my tag was to add black Stabilo pencil and blend it with my brush. And add some highlights to the hair using a copper Sharpie Poster Paint Pen. 

Then I mounted my tag on some shimmery copper cardstock and added some ribbons to the top hole. I tied a couple of tiny tags with copper thread for interest as well.

I hope you enjoyed my project :)
If you got this far...then leave me a comment!
<3 Shel

PS..I won't be posting next week as I am going away for a 'post chemo celebration' . Thanks Mom for getting us a great place to stay <3


  1. I love what you did here! I used some clear gesso yesterday And it really has some grab to it! Have fun on your celebration trip!

    1. Thanks Vicki :) Yes, it would be really awesome if your second layer was colored pencils or pastels.

  2. Clear gesso as a sealant - oh ya, but using the brayer? GENIUS!

    I am so inspired by your is amazing to see where you start and how you end up. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Enjoy your trip, WELL DESERVED!!!

    1. Thank your so much Heather :) I got this little 2" brayer and it is great for stuff like this. I was using my old 4" one from my stamping days for everything, but the 2" is my best friend now!

  3. SO glad you had the photos for the step out, Shel - it's a terrific one for a powerful tag. And I'm all over that clear gesso trick!

    1. Thank you Win :) I enjoy doing the step outs so people can see how a thing got from step a to like step g or h


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