Monday, June 27, 2016

#ccbquickquirkyproject - A Canvas Corp Brand Creative Crew Challenge

Hi Friends,

If you know know how I am about a challenge! Just even the hint of a art challenge and I am all over it! So when Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew said..hey..make a quick and quirky project using junk mail..I said OK! I have been meaning to make some homemade truffles for a friend who has been very supportive,,,and making a cute box for them to go into seemed like a good idea. I had some light cardstock weight junk mail and some fun papers and mists from Canvas Corp this is what I made :)

The finished box measures 4 inches by 6 inches and will hold 12 truffles perfectly.

The inside and outside are both covered with paper from 7 Gypsies.


The tag has raised chipboard letters, a paper butterfly and seam binding all colored with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.

The box has some paper flowers that are colored with Glimmer Mists too.

Here is a video of the process of how it was made if you are interested :)

Products used:
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in - 
Also used: 
Petaloo flowers and trims, 
Prima paper butterfly, 
Little Yellow Bicycle letter stickers.
Seam binding
Golden Matte Medium
Aleene's Box Maker
Aleene's Tacky Glue 

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Index Card A Day - Still Going Strong!

Hello Friends :)
Those who have been following along in my adventures in art know that I am tackling the 2 month long Index Card a Day challenge this year sponsored by DaisyYellowArt blog this year. I am happy to report that I am keeping up with the challenge so far as of June 25th :) That means almost 1/2 way there and no slowing down. Those who know me know I get easily distracted and have trouble keeping up with daily or weekly So for today's blog I would like to share my ICADs since I last posted a blog post :) Be sure to check out the videos as well if you want to see the process of each being made. Here we go!

I hope you are enjoying my little index card art bites :) <3 Shel

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Guy Noticed Me!!!! Update for the Last Week'ish :)

Hi Ya'll (feeling a little bit country this morning)

I bet that title grabbed your attention a bit LOL. Well I wanted to tell you about what I am doing...and today...yes...a guy noticed me...on Youtube! Nothing creepy:) It was Mike Deakin Art. You see, I said something a bit challenging to him about his dislike of purple (can you imagine NOT liking purple?) and it evolved into a little collaborative challenge between us. Of course I feel very excited about collaborating with him. I have wanted to do that ever since he started those cute Mission Inspiration collabs with other Youtube art creators. A bit sadly for me...he made that into a Facebook group with over 1000 ANYONE can do it. But, this little challenge we are doing is fun too :) It is called Love/Hate challenge. You have to use a color you hate on an art journal page..but you can add a color you love as well. My color of most hatedness is brown. YUCK. I think I am too surrounded by it. Brown mountains, brown sand, brown houses, or tan or taupe get the idea! So I tried to think of something beautiful that was brown...and I came up with a creature called the Desert Tortoise. The shell it carries around is just beautiful. It looks like enamel. So that became the focus of my page :) Isn't he cute?

Watch this video to see how I created him using collage and other media.

So what else have I been doing since I last wrote a blog post? Well more Index Card a Day of course. That will be going on every day until the end of July. Here are two videos encompassing 6 more index card art bits.

I also made a cool retro looking tag for Tag It Tuesday Facebook Group. I actually sanded the tag to make it more distressed old wood from the 50s. Very fun!

Coming up soon will be a video of larger mixed media canvas, more ICADs, the Pick a Stick Challenge, and another collaboration with a Youtube stay tuned :)

<3 Shel

Friday, June 10, 2016

A New Collaboration for CCB Creative Crew Friends..and What I Have Been Up To

Hi Friends <3
I have been having so much fun and been crazy busy in my little studio. Not cleaning it up mind you..but making art art and more art :) I have put out a video every day for a week..just for fun! I am enjoying myself so much and definitely on an upswing in mood. I think it my Youtube channel just went over 2000 subscribers! I wanted to share with you today what I have been up to.
First...I think the collaboration of people who are making videos for the Canvas Corp Brands is going to be monthly. least this is the second month and we are planning a theme and date for July.
The theme this month was 'Your Favorite Music' Here is my project :) A music themed dream journal for my kid.

He and I both enjoy rock music. He tends more towards the heavy metal and I usually choose more alternative or grunge style...but we can easily listen to whatever the other one likes. So, the cover of the journal reflects that style of music with the electric guitars all over it. I used canvas fabric from Canvas Corp Brands (wow..they make As well as several colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I made my own electric guitar stencil with some plastic from a page protector and a hot knife. The lyrics on the front are from an Aerosmith song...they seemed appropriate! A list of products with links are below.

Tattered Angels Mists Used

So in addition to this fun project using Canvas Corp Brands products...I have been continuing the Index Card A Day challenge. I have completed 9 cards and 3 still a long way to go LOL...61 days worth! If you want to join this is the link DaisyYellowArt And here are the 6 cards since last I well as the 2 videos so you can see the process of making them if you wish :) 

I also had a lot of fun creating a mixed media altered playing card this week. I tried to imitate the tattooing style called 'American traditional' and made the classic Gypsy image, This was for a group I am in on Facebook that has weekly themes for altering playing cards. If you think this sounds is the link to the FB group. Mixed Media Altered Playing Cards And here is my Gypsy with a rose :)

I hope you have enjoyed this update with all the crazy links to everything :) If you did..leave me a comment so I know you were here!
<3 Shel

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Index Card A Day Challenge

Hi Friends :)

It must be time for a update on what I am doing. I just got back from a terrific trip to visit my friend in Oregon. We went to the coast for several days and then to Portland. So much beauty to see in Oregon that is very different from what I see here in my beautiful desert. Every time I am coming in for a landing at PDX I am looking out the window and saying to myself  'Dang! it is so GREEN!' Tall pine trees and flowers and water everywhere. It is a fantastic and refreshing break for me to renew and recharge. When I returned on June 1st, I discovered it is time for the Index Card A Day challenge. I have never tried to do this one...but did research it when I was curious about why people call index card art This year, I am going to do it! It should be do-able right? Of course I really stink at following through with these long challenges. Have you been wondering where all my 'Color Me Positive' art journal pages are? Probably the same place half of my 'Daily Life Project' pages went last year..LOL. BUT..I did very well with National Non-Stop Art Journaling Month' in November last year. I made a page every day and even made a video everyday! For a Well, this challenge is sort of similar. There is a commitment to make art on a Index card everyday for from June 1st to July 31st. It is two months long...but they are much smaller bits of art. So, I am going to do it! I will make videos as well..but not every day. Maybe every 3 days or something. I am unsure at this point. So to kick it are my first 3 days of ICAD :) If you would like to play along with me and many many other people..visit the website for DaisyYellowArt.

Day #1 -  I am using 3" X 5" standard lined index cards. I will be punching a hole in the corner and then putting them all on a big D ring thingy I think. I wanted a sort of kick off cover one I did this tree with little pink letter birds :)

Day #2  -  I was drinking a Diet Coke in a can and was inspired by the odd color combination. Red, Purple, and Lime Green swirls on the silver can...with a little white and black thrown in. So I decided to make my card those colors. I played with some new stencils and added some Tim Holtz tiny  words.

Day #3 - I was thinking about the kick off of the America Cup. This is a soccer tournament in Latin America and this is it's00th year running. Pretty impressive I thought. For me..this means...the TV gets taken over by the huge soccer fans in the house. Want to watch HGTV? Forget about it! Soccer Soccer and more Soccer is all that is on..LOL

So I will try to keep you apprised of my progress with this challenge. Both here on my blog and in videos on my Youtube channel. Wish me luck..or better yet..join me so we can keep on track together :)
<3 Shel