Friday, June 10, 2016

A New Collaboration for CCB Creative Crew Friends..and What I Have Been Up To

Hi Friends <3
I have been having so much fun and been crazy busy in my little studio. Not cleaning it up mind you..but making art art and more art :) I have put out a video every day for a week..just for fun! I am enjoying myself so much and definitely on an upswing in mood. I think it my Youtube channel just went over 2000 subscribers! I wanted to share with you today what I have been up to.
First...I think the collaboration of people who are making videos for the Canvas Corp Brands is going to be monthly. least this is the second month and we are planning a theme and date for July.
The theme this month was 'Your Favorite Music' Here is my project :) A music themed dream journal for my kid.

He and I both enjoy rock music. He tends more towards the heavy metal and I usually choose more alternative or grunge style...but we can easily listen to whatever the other one likes. So, the cover of the journal reflects that style of music with the electric guitars all over it. I used canvas fabric from Canvas Corp Brands (wow..they make As well as several colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. I made my own electric guitar stencil with some plastic from a page protector and a hot knife. The lyrics on the front are from an Aerosmith song...they seemed appropriate! A list of products with links are below.

Tattered Angels Mists Used

So in addition to this fun project using Canvas Corp Brands products...I have been continuing the Index Card A Day challenge. I have completed 9 cards and 3 still a long way to go LOL...61 days worth! If you want to join this is the link DaisyYellowArt And here are the 6 cards since last I well as the 2 videos so you can see the process of making them if you wish :) 

I also had a lot of fun creating a mixed media altered playing card this week. I tried to imitate the tattooing style called 'American traditional' and made the classic Gypsy image, This was for a group I am in on Facebook that has weekly themes for altering playing cards. If you think this sounds is the link to the FB group. Mixed Media Altered Playing Cards And here is my Gypsy with a rose :)

I hope you have enjoyed this update with all the crazy links to everything :) If you did..leave me a comment so I know you were here!
<3 Shel


  1. Sheesh, Shel! You've certainly been a busy girl! Awesome projects and all quite different from the other. Whatever creative drugs you're on, I want some! Big congratulations on the 2000 subscribers! That's quite an achievement in such a short time!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa <3 You are such a great friend to keep track of me. I think the creativity comes from hyper activity at the moment lol. I am just so jittery and unable to I go go go. I am having great fun with the ICAD's easy to do a tiny spot of art in the morning :)

  2. Wow! No really... WOW! When your creative fire gets lit it blazes!! Grin. Loving it all, especially those 4x6 index cards... You are an inspiration to me and make me REALLY want to jump on that band wagon... I need a PLAN to help me make the time! Grin thanks for sharing all your awesomeness and a heart-felt congratulations on your 2000 followers!! That is pretty incredible.

    1. Thank you Lynne :) I really have been having fun with the index card challenge and you should join in too :) They are small and quick so one a day isn't stressing. Of course I am fitting them in to many other things that were on my calendar lots of videos this month LOL

  3. Congrats on hitting the 2000 mark on YouTube, Shel - well done, and well deserved for all your stellar effort!


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