Friday, February 24, 2017

February 2017 Highlights :)

So January is complete and we are almost through February. My goal for my blog this year is to write one post a month highlighting what art I did in that month. My primary sharing has moved to Youtube. I make a video every other day so it is all I can do to write here once a month LOL.

So February.... I joined in a couple of challenges.
The first is on Instagram only. Using the hashtag #28hearts2017. I am making a page with 28 hearts drawn on it. I am filling in one a day and posting the photo of it on Instagram using the hashtag. When complete the page will go in my 'My Life 2017' art journal/album. Here is a photo of where it is at right now. You can use the #28hearts2017 on Instagram to see each individual heart.

Another challenge is the #29faces challenge by Ayala Art. Unfortunately as I write this I am only to face #14. I will catch up though! I am making a flip book of my faces using shipping tags. is a Facebook! A few highlights of those faces...

I am doing my regular art journaling challenges as well of course. I enjoy these step prompt challenges the MOST! Mission Inspiration by Mike Deakin Art.

And of course..the challenge from our own Facebook Group Pick A Stick Challenge. I offered a coloring page of one of my illustrations this month along with my page enjoy coloring :)

I also had fun doing some very dimensional projects this month. A gift canvas in a steampunk theme for my kid's birthday. I added this one to the #loveart event for the Creative Arts Collaboration.

And a recycled/repurposed heart shaped tin. I did this one as part of our four month long 'shimmery art collaboration with Peg Robinson, Yva Lovee' Arts, and Ina Solsbury on Youtube.

This month has also offered a 4000 subscriber give away in which 4 people have won a personalised canvas made by me. I have completed one so far as I write this. Some paper painted roses with a spiral shape theme.

Of course there are many more things on offer over at my Youtube channel :) Come on over and see!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Wow! I have not written a blog post since September 2016 and it is already the first day of the new year.... Some might say I am a slacker. However, my saving grace is that I have been working so hard on my Youtube channel...that blogging has become an after thought. So I endeavour to do better in 2017!

Happy New Year my friends! I am wishing everyone a year full of colorful art. One where we all live to our fullest potential, laugh a lot, and love everyone. The world needs more love!

I made a tag to welcome the new year so I will share that here.

Then on to a tiny review of what I have been doing since September and what will be upcoming in 2017. I don't have any huge plans is only day one.

I can tell you that the Facebook challenge group for the monthly art journaling challenge is continuing with a new little twist and some guest artists. It is called Pick a Stick challenge and the group is located HERE if you would like to join us.

I have continued my membership in the Canvas Corp Brands design team (Creative Crew) so you will be seeing more of my art using their extensive line of products. I will also be at their booth at CHA Creativation this January in Phoenix, AZ.

I will be continuing to participate in collaborations, events, and hops on my Youtube channel. I plan to do all 12 events with Creative Arts Collaboration. We still have a couple months left in our Shimmery Art collaboration. I will do NaNoJouMo again if it whatever form. Probably ICAD month also...those were both FUN. I will do one on one collaborations with anyone who wants to and join in any video hops that come up. I LOVE the collaborative spirit that exists within the creative community on Youtube!!!

I will continue in 2017 to release a video on my Youtube channel every other day...unless things go crazy...which they sometimes do :)

In September of 2016 I reached 3000 subscribers on my Youtube channel. When a milestone number like that happens...there must be a give away. My preferred method is to have my veiwers answer 5 questions. Then I picked 3 winners randomly and made persoanlised art for each of them based on their answers. I have the most fun doing this! Here are the extra large tags I made for them.

In November I was proud to complete a art journal and video of the page EVERY DAY! That is a real amount of planning and doing! I even managed it while going for a week to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. 

The videos for any of these pages can be seen on my Youtube channel on this playlist HERE

In September of 2016

The highlight of December 2016 was the fun I had making a couple of mixed media ornaments. I had intended to do 7 days of ornaments, but that plan was canceled when we had a death in the family. My focus turned to consoling family members and helping to plan two memorial events in two different states in the midst of Christmas. But I did have a great time completing two of the seven!

I hope you all have enjoyed my review and planning for the new year. Of course there are TONS more videos over on Youtube at my channel Shel C PaperOcotilloStudio
Or find me on Instagram at PaperOcotillo
Or Facebook as Shel Cee

Thanks to all and too all a good night <3