Thursday, June 22, 2017

And Then It Was Almost July....

Hi Friends :)

Welcome to the hot hot Summer season! It is warm in Tucson...really warm...this week. I am inside and keeping cool so I thought I should update my blog. ALL my focus has been on Youtube and producing videos of my artistic processes. The videos come out every other day and it requires quite an effort to keep up that pace. So here are some of the recent photos of what I have made..and the video links too!

To start off with..I have been doing a artist trading card each day in June. This is a fun challenge on social media to build a habit of a little art each day. Everyone just uses the hashtag #ATCAD2017 when they post their artist trading card. Here are some in video form...

There are more videos of course...just pop on over to my channel at Shel C - PaperOcotilloStudio

I have also done some art journal pages. I like to play with prompt lists and try to work around them to complete a page. I have a Facebook group with a couple friends where we offer this sort of a list each month for you to try. It is called 'Pick A Stick Challenge' and you can ask to join HERE I also play in another challenge called Mission Inspiration each month that has a prompt list as well. In addition I joined in with the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew and we are doing a traveling art journal project where we do a page featuring CCB products each month and mail the journals around to collect pages from each artist. You can read about this project on the CCB blog HERE
The pages I create are all featured as videos on my channel of course :)


I have enjoyed a recent collaboration with Ayala Art channel. It was a swap collaboration where we both did a mixed media background and sent them to each other. Then we each finished the art piece and mailed them back. It was fun and I plan to do more of these with other artists soon!

So that is just a tiny part of my recent artistic activity. Please come on over to my Youtube channel and check out the rest of the story :) Shel C - PaperOcotilloStudio
<3 Shel


  1. These are fantastic Shel! They looks so good lined up next to each other. Bringing out a new video every other day must be quite a commitment! Hope you're enjoying your summer! It was hot here too but it's much cooler now.

    1. Oh Zsuzsa..I am sure I replied to you lots earlier but somehow I don't see it here :( Thanks for visiting my poor blog and leaving a kind comment!

  2. Hi Shel! Is there a pic I may use from your blog that can act as a link from my blog(s) to this one?
    Come to think of it, I should ask Zsuzsa the very same thing!

    1. Clever idea :) I could make you a little graphic and email it to you if you want one...would that make it easier I wonder? Here is my email


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