Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Cool New Design Team

Hello Friends :)
I just wanted to share my first project made for a new design team I was asked to participate in. The team is for promoting a new shop by Jeri Bellini that sells vintage found items for use in art. It is all about recycling, reusing , re-purposing things into your art. For my first project, I made a quirky art doll. At first she was naked and all her bits and bobs showing. Then I thought..hmm..nudity isn't always pleasing to everyone and I might make a bigger statements if I clothed her in a apron (all sorts of hidden parts and hidden implications there LOL) so I dressed her up. You may like her either way..or both ways! Of course, there is a video of the process you can watch on my Youtube channel.
#recycledparts4art #recyclingartistgang

I hope you enjoy the doll and the video :) Don't forget to check out Jeri's new shop at

Oh and in other news...the drawings for #inktober are still continuing since my last post!
Here are a few more for you :) Witches will be appearing all month!

Thanks for stopping by <3 Shel


  1. Shel!!
    These dollies are just delightful!
    So whimsical and fun and I just love their faces!!

  2. ha! I thought she was two! That's what I get for speed reading! Congrats on the new team and I liked her naked the best! heehee

    1. Thank you Jackie :) I like her best naked also..but some of the people out there are a bit prudish LOL

  3. Dear Shel-

    I very much like your teaching style on You Tube. I am interested in knowing if you do any mentoring program online or over the phone?
    Also, do you have any books to recommend for fun colorful mixed media techniques and projects?

    I may be reached at: (239) 564-9663 or

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance you are willing to provide,

    Jill Heller


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