Friday, December 19, 2014

Cold Heart - #WOIW

Hi Everyone,

Over at Kraafters Kommunity the owner Heather is always so nice to give us a inspiration word on Word of Inspiration Wednesday. This really helps me to get ideas..I love it. The word this week was 'COLD' and it inspired me to make this art journal page. I was thinking of the song by Katy Perry called Hot and Cold. I think everyone here has had a moment like those song lyrics where someone you are close to flips their personality and becomes hurtful to your heart. Maybe it is a guy or girl you loved. Maybe a close friend who gets mean for no reason. Or maybe one of those ignorant Internet people who thinks they can say whatever they want to you. And there you stand with your heart torn to bits trying to hold it together against your chest while they hit the road out of your life.

So here are the steps I took to create this page. First I found the lyrics to the song and printed the chorus part. Then I made a sketch using a pencil. Ugh..hands are so annoying!

Next I used water soluble crayons to create some color on the background. I wanted it to be cool colors so I chose blues and bit of purple (because it is my favorite) Then I smooshed around the color with a bit wet brush.

Next I decided to tackle the figure. I took the first week of Art, Heart and Healing FREE course over at Willowing Arts and decided to try her process for coloring in portraits instead of my usual way. If you are struggling with faces and shading I suggest you take her course. She is pretty awesome. Anyway, the process is done with layers of water soluble crayons blended with white acrylic paint. It was my first time trying it but I think I like the result.

I did the whole figure this with this method only adding a tiny bit of black pen around the eyes.

The next thing I did was to do some stamping in the background. I used a large harlequin stamp with some teal and light blue acrylic paint. Then snowflakes with white gesso (stamps from Stampin' Up!) I also did some drips down the page as if they were tears using a turquoise crayon and water. Mostly this just removed background color rather then making turquoise drips. After that I did some splatters with watery white acrylic (then had to get up and change my shirt since I splattered it and my glasses and face too)

Next I added the lyrics which I had scribbled with the same colors as the background. I used liquid matte medium to attach it.

Nest I did a bit of collaging. Those of you who know me know that hardly anything leaves my studio without collage. I used matte gel medium to add some scrap papers to the heart. These were roll offs and clean ups from Gelli printing.

As a final step I added some black around the heart to make it stand out from the shirt and some black around the lyrics too. Hope you like my page :)
<3 Shel


  1. Nicely done, Shel - I love the combination of image with text, and that fractured heart just sets it all off!

    1. Thanks Win :) I love to do collage so gotta include that element!

  2. Wonderful interpretation, Shel. Oh, I sure can relate to those spatters all over you !!!

    1. Thank Sylvia. Yes we were up in the mountains and I put on a long sleeve shirt I don't usually wear and I said..dang shirt has paint on it. DH says...ALL your shirts have paint don't they? lol

  3. Love that background! It's so good to see how you built up the page. I often forget to take photos during the process. You definitely already have a style! I'm still searching for mine!

    1. Thanks Zsuzsa :) I have my iphone in the studio with me so I just snap them when I think of it. Gotta have some sort of something to post. And you do have style..bright colors and lots of purple! Why I love your style.


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