Thursday, February 26, 2015

Favorite Favorites

Hi <3

I have completed my art journal page for Lifebook week #9 and would love to share it with you! This project was inspired by artist Lynn Whipple who is so fun to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her create her version of the favorite favorites jar. She made me laugh several times with her antics...especially about not being able to spell.... as I have the same problem. She really seemed to almost glow with positivity. Here is the project she inspired :)

My process took a different turn from Lynn's although the idea is the same. I started with randomly blocking in acrylic colors on my 140 pound cold pressed paper. I used a wide flat dry brush and didn't clean it off in between switching colors. I didn't bother staying in either the warm or cool colors I just picked colors that are my FAVORITE :) 

Next I wanted to blend and smooth the colors a bit so I decided to use my brayer. I have some Pebeo Studio Acrylics that are infused with shimmer. I decided to cast a shimmery feel over my whole piece by using these with my 2 inch brayer. I hope you can see the shimmer in the photos.

Now I needed to define the jar shape. I used my soft graphite pencil to draw the line. I wanted a version of a small mouth canning jar like we used when I was a child. Next I went around the negative space with black gesso. I was going to use a light color like Lynn did to block out the negative space, but then I remembered a page I did with colorful silhouettes and black gesso and decided that would be much cooler! I touched up some of the black edges using my Sharpie poster paint pen after the gesso was dry.

Now I just wanted to add some highlights and shadows to make the jar more dimensional, so I used my white and black Posca paint pens and my black Stabilo pencil and aquabrush around the edges. I also drew in a label hanging from a string. I used white acrylic to block out the label before adding the words and shadows.

The final step was to add all my 'favorite favorites' I did this using a some stamped images as well as the stuff you see below in the photo. I randomly thought of things and wrote or drew them inside the jar. I tried to vary my size and styles of writing to add more interest. I highlighted some of the writing with colors or white. It was a fun exercise in GRATITUDE thinking about people, places, and things, that make me happy.

Here is a photo without flash that looks more flat...the other one is trying to show the shimmer. This one may show more detail though.

I hope you enjoyed this project and are inspired to make your own favorite favorites jar!
<3 Shel


  1. A magic jar! Full of glimmer and mystery!

  2. Enjoyed reading and seeing some images of your 'favorite' things in your colorful, shimmering jar! FUN!


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