Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blue Funk and the New Pages...

Hello Friends,

So I woke up this morning and it was Thursday. I had still had not done any art since my vacation ...a week ago! I have been in a BLUE FUNK. This is not the same as a blue period..where everything you make is in tones of blue. (Not so long ago I was in a Pink and Orange period) No, this is when you just want to do NOTHING. Lay about, eat doughnuts, read books and ignore life. I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this. So, this morning I said to myself "self...get your rooty tooty booty out of bed and get thee to thy studio!!!" And guess what...self listened! I made not one page..but two. Catching up to my Journal52 and Documented Life Project challenges for Week 12. Maybe tomorrow I can do my Lifebook lesson...or one of the commissions I need to get done :)

To begin with I did my DLP Week 12 page. The prompt was about focal points and gaining focus. I decided to go with a very neutral not give my artistic mojo a workout. Here is how it turned out...

I started with a collage of washi tape, text papers, and map paper.

Then I brayered over it with some acrylic paint in titanium buff color. I stamped my title with archival black in and then added some vintage photo distress ink to the edges of the page.

Next I stamped some different shapes of kraft stock tags using black gesso applied with a sponge brush. All the stamps are Stampin' Up! I tied on some strings and then glued these to the page.

Then I took some household bleach and a brush and lightened up the insides of the images. I used a heat tool to make sure they were dry and done processing. I also added some shadows around the edges using my black Stabilo pencil and a aquabrush.

To finish off the page I added some light coloring using watercolor pencils. I added darker black lines around the tags using my Posca black pen and some highlight using my Posca white.

Next,  I did my Journal52 Week 12 page. The prompt was about making an inspiration board. I recently watched the Lifebook lesson for this week from Juliette Crane. I have been following her on Instragram for awhile and was pleasantly surprised to see her as a instructor :) For those of you her are not familiar with her...she makes mixed media paintings of whimsical animals. I decided to find a photograph I liked of an animal, and then use it to inspire me to make a mixed media painting in Juliette Crane style. Here is how it turned out.

I simplified the process by starting out with a scribbled background using brown and greens Gelatos. 

Then I blended them using a baby wipe.

I sketched my simple fawn using a black Stabilo pencil and started to finger paint him in. Juliette uses her fingers a lot...I don't love it I eventually switched to a brush. 

I did several layers of acrylic colors, refining my image in between with the black Stabilo. I also finger painted some of the acrylics onto the trees to add those colors into the background.

Finally, I added the words using my white Posca pen. Then used my black and white Posca pens to add some lines and highlights. 

I hope you enjoy my journal pages on this fine Thursday!
<3 shel


  1. Loving that monochromatic focus spread - its speaks volumes!

    1. Thanks Win :) I guess sometimes I just have to mellow down my need for crazy intense color lol

  2. Love it!
    I just got some gelatos, and now I want to try art journalling, so I'm drawing inspiration from you, Shel.

    1. Go Nann Go! I am glad to inspire you to do something artsy just for yourself :)

  3. The face of your whimsical fawn's face is very dear. The background of your picture is nice, too. :)


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