Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pretty Women of History Month - DLP Week 9

Hi All,

I have a art journal page to share today that I made for the The Documented Life challenge for week #9. I am not in love with this page...but I guess not everything comes out exactly how you want! The challenge for this week was to use layers...five or more layers was mentioned. A better challenge for me would be to KEEP IT to five layers! I have never been accused of being afraid of layers I tell ya:) So, because of the challege, I wanted to make something more simple and less fussy. I think that was where I went wrong..lol My style is apparently NOT simple and less fussy! I also wanted this first page in March to be a reminder of the National Woman's History Month. I think we women should be aware and celebrate each other's achievements and that is what the month long idea is. Very often when I think of a theme or phrase...songs pop in to my head and they won't leave! In this case..Pretty Woman (the Van Halen version, not Roy Orbison) So somehow the song got on my page! And well..shoes. Maybe being pretty and hoarding shoes is a stereotype..but.. my shoes are of all types and hues...and I added in other words besides pretty that are equally as important on the page :) Heyyy..don't blame me! It was the song's fault! When you say women in your head what song comes to you????

So for my first of the five (ha ha! make it 11) layers I used some tissue paper from Hazel&Ruby. It has music and words and symbols all over it. I attached it with Matte Liquid Medium from Liquitex.

Then since I was going with 'simple' I decided to use my Gelatos from Faber Castell as my color source. I scribbled colors of pink (I know..another stereotype but I LIKE PINK) and then blended it with a wet finger.

Next, I decided that the black and white was still to overpowering for a background..so I used some white gesso and my new 2 inch brayer (#Ilovemy2inchbrayer) to smoosh some white on the page and tone it down.

Of course, then it was too pastel for my taste, so I repeated the Gelatos and blending and brayer again...this time adding in some orangey yellow. I love Pink and Orange together!

OK, enough fussing with the background...better start on the main images. As I was going for this whole 'simple' thing, I decided to print out some drawings of shoes from a kids color pages site on the internet. I scaled them down and printed them all on one page...then I cut them out. NOTE TO SELF: printing and cutting takes longer then just drawing! What were you thinking????

Next I decided I wanted to add MORE to the background..what was that about not fussing?? I used a paper doily as a stencil and sponged some white gesso through it using a cosmetic sponge.

Ok Ok...stop fussing with the background! Time to color the foreground images. Since my decision was to use Gelatos as my color source...I used them to color in the shoes. First I tried to use my waterbrush on the Gelato stick and then the paper....but it was too pale. So, I used the edge of the Gelato on the page and then blended with the waterbrush instead. I also did some scribbling of the Gelato on my scratch paper and picking up the color from there with my waterbrush. Then to give the shoes some grounding...I used my waterbrush to pick up gesso and apply it at the base of the shoes.

Now, just the last thing I ALWAYS do was left. My black and white Posca paint pens! I threw in a gold Sharpie fine line poster pen also this time :) I drew in the black lines where needed and added some white and gold highlights. 

Then I did my title and words with the black pen. Oh, and a few red hearts with a red Sharpie paint pen too :)

I hope you enjoyed my "simple" page for DLP this week :)
<3 Shel


  1. I love the idea. The words around the sets of shoes is perfect I really like the shoe types you chose as well. C

    1. Thank you so much :) You are my friend forever!

  2. I'm sorry that you aren't really happy with this --- you should be! It's awesome! I love your descriptions of the shoe styles. . This is a wonderful piece....

    1. Thank you so much Nannie. I guess what was in my head didn't transfer as well as I would have liked..but at least I didn't bin it LOL

  3. I love this page! I like the colorful background, though I think I counted more than 5 layers..:). The addition of the doily image was clever, and the FUN, brightly colored shoes, with the word assigned to each shoe, are great! Your letters in the title are perfectly formed and spaced. G@@D work!

  4. Okay, that's it. I must order Posca pens...they've been in my amazon shopping cart for weeks and weeks. I should get those tires my husband thought I needed...but...
    Enough of that tangent! Ha! My fav part of the layout is just the whole idea. the shoes, the song, and where you took the challenge - so inspired and a great representation. - Of course you did a fantastic job with the colors too!

    1. Thank you Dana :) Tires..humph..who needs em! I do love the posca pens..after trying alot of different brands. Mine had to come from China..too bad not American but they are worth it.


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