Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Big Catch All of Catch Up....

Hi Friends :)

Wow am I a bad blogger or what? It has been awhile since my last ...confession? So today I am going to try and catch up. That is not ketchup! But catch up with all I have been doing :) Well, if you know me at all you know I have been frantically trying to be a Youtube creative content maker. Since my last confession my channel has grown and grown...and I feel very obligated to make those videos for those people! That is a very good thing...and a kinda bad thing in some ways. I am one of those very contrary creative type people. If there is a deadline or an sort of crushes my mojo! My muse runs and hides in her cloud somewhere and I lay about and complain. So though I am trying to do it ALL I am getting only half of what I planned to do DONE!
That being said..I did go on a trip to Washington state for 9 days. Very pretty and inspiring there!

Also some family friends came to visit and so I got to rediscover some of the beauty of where I live as well.

The second picture was created with a really cool ap called Dianasap on my iphone. It creates a double exposure for you from photos in your camera roll. Super fun!

For the rest of my time (when not making excuses for why I can't do what I am supposed to) ....I have been creating art. Of course :)

There have been fairies with no boots....

Mermaids with teenager attitude... 

Springy bunny challenges... 

And even a mixed media guy face! 

And yesterday I had a really fulfilling Gelli printing session and I have a video for that too!
 (shocking I know :)

So look for me mostly on my Youtube channel these days. Tomorrow is a fun new project coming out that has been in the works for a few months. And I will be doing some videos with those prints I made. There is a new Pick-a-Stick challenge and other challenges I will be doing. And some fun things like mermaids and altered playing cards for Facebook groups I have joined. Collaborations with other Youtubers and designing for Canvas Corp. You know..all the fun stuff :)

<3 Shel


  1. Wow, No really.. .WOW! What a feast of a blog post...grin. I just LOVE what you are creating these days and I am looking forward to watching all these lovely video tutorials later today. BTW, (by the way) you put into words exactly what happens to me whenever I have a project due with a deadline that I didn't set for myself! You nailed it right down to the "complaining" (ranting?) And I thought it was just ME! Thanks for sharing 'cuz now I don't feel like I'm the defective one (GIANT Smile). Don't you find sometimes that our creative Muse is a bit hormonal? TFS!! (Thanks for Sharing)

    1. Thanks Lynn..I knew I was not alone! I think my muse is one crazy chick tbh, but I think that is supposedly their nature as a Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy my channel since I am there way more then here these days!

  2. Shel!! OMGosh- I thought you were writing about me!! Even the part of the Wa trip!!
    Yup, I am the same way about deadlines and mojo- but then why do I want to be on DTS????
    As for Wa. send me an email, let me know what you saw- we are heading x-country soon and ending up there- as that is where my son & dil live!
    Great makes and welcome back! you over achiever you! heehee

    1. Thanks Jackie :) I am glad I share my insanity with great ones like you! I have 3 commissions coming up for one lady and she gave me plenty of time...but I am already fussing. Deadlines...grrr. lol

  3. Haven't you been having fun, Shel - no wonder you'd no time for blogging. Lovely to see what you're up to!

    1. Thank you Win Dinn. I bet you are having fun too. Have not seen many posts from you either :)


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