Friday, April 29, 2016

Pick-a-Stick Challenge April

Hi Bloggy Friends :)

I have challenged myself to try and make my blog keep up with my Youtube channel. We shall see it it actually happens..LOL. Today I wanted to tell you about the April Pick-A-Stick Challenge. In January four of us  (#fab4creates) started this adventure by planning a challenge for the year and then setting up a Facebook Group for the people who want to play along each month.


Our challenge is this. We each made a container of some sort full of prompts. Things you would use on a journal page like 'use a die cut' or 'write in wet gesso'. Then at the first Friday of each month one of us picks 10 sticks and challenges the group to finish a page or canvas using the prompts. The only rules are you have to do the prompts in order and use all 10. How you interpret them is up to you! You can also add other stuff that you think is needed to complete your project.

We have seen AMAZING creativity during this challenge. There are somewhere around 230 members of the group so far and they are turning out great art! Some even make videos about their process so we can watch them. I am loving this :)

On the last Friday of the month the four of us put out our own process videos for the monthly challenge. Some of mine have been pretty...others more like a hot mess LOL. That is the nature of following the fate of the sticks! Today my video for April comes out using these prompts...

And this is how my page turned out :) I love it!

Watch the video of my process here

Come on over to the facebook group and join us for the monthly challenge! We would love to see what you come up with :)

<3 Shel


  1. What a great way to challenge yourself, Shel, and I love it that you're taking others on your creative journey!

  2. Love how you made the mountains with the texture paste and then painted over them! Very clever!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa :) They feel really cool...too bad there isn't feeling capability on the internet yet :)


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