Sunday, May 22, 2016

What I did for #LoveSummerArt Art Crawl

Hello Friends :)
Remember that I said I was going to try to keep my blog current with my Youtube? Well I am trying and trying! Not sure I am doing that well...oh well. This last week I was  crazy trying to make as many project videos as I could for a couple reasons. One..there was a art crawl event May 18-22 hosted by the Creative Arts Collaboration. #lovesummerart I missed last month's art crawl event due to medical issues with my Mom and I wanted to try to participate in this month's! The other reason was that I am going our of town for a week, so I wanted to 'get ahead' with videos. I would like to stay consistent with sharing stuff on a regular basis...but that is tricky when you are away from your studio. I can't see me doing on location... out of control... nostril cam videos LOL So, being the crazy person I am..I thought I would cover by doing lots of videos ahead, and scheduling them to come out while I am gone. So, far, I have got a few scheduled but it is trickier then I thought! It seems family actually needs/wants my attention (who knew?)  So I am here on the blog today to share with you what I at least accomplished for the #lovesummerart art crawl event :)

My first project was a art journal page about how the sun is the biggest factor for summer here in Arizona. It is huge you can see on my art journal page. I also threw in some of the Arizona classic Saguaro cactus. They grow all over where I live. Tall and majestic... standing on the hills.

In the video version...I actually SANG the lyrics on the page. What was I thinking? 

My second project was a shout out to Armed Forces Day and also an attempt to make an altered playing card. I am in a Facebook group where the altered playing card is the focus and I had yet to make one. My lame excuse is that I had no cards that were not being use to actually play card I finally purchased a pack at the dollar store and now I have some to use. So, I made a Air Force girl as a nod to my family's involvement with that branch of the military. She is a pretty serious chick..don't mess with her :)

My third and final project for the event was a fun mixed media piece canvas featuring the famous summer standard, the flip flop sandal. You just can't have summer without flip flops :) My flip flops are stranded on the desk with the towel, sun lotion, and glasses, while I take a dip in the pool :) I plan to seal this one with pouring medium..but am a bit scared to open that bottle! Maybe when I return from visiting the Oregon coast next week with my best friend :)

This canvas took I broke up the process into two videos...each around 20 minutes long.

Part #1

Part #2

I hope you have all been enjoying the beginning of summer and are planning some relaxation!
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<3 Shel


  1. I haven't noticed summer has arrived yet! It's still positively chilly in my part of the world. Love the sun page and I will watch the video just to hear you sing! Love the other two projects as well! Boy you've been busy! Hope you're mom's better now and enjoy your time away as far as possible.

    1. Oh I hope you get summer SOON across the pond! I do love the warm sunshine...even when others think it is crazy hot LOL My Mom is better from the stroke..but has taken a fall in a parking lot and banged herself up she is currently here at the house. It will be nice to see the ocean and have a little down time from everything. The ocean really soothes me!


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