Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Art Journal Give Away Video Hop

Hi Friends,

Yes, it is me...the absent blogger who really does Youtube these days LOL. I just wanted to tell you about a project I have been involved in that has a fantastic give away, It this morning and I do not want you to miss it! It is a video hop with 7 Youtube artists. All of us have been in Shannon Green's Inspiration Conspiracy hops before and are now in a Alumni group. One smart member thought it would be fun to give away complete art journals to some lucky viewers on our channels...with art inside as well as blank pages. I thought it seemed like a great idea and joined in the project. There has already been two groups who have done a hop with their art journal pages that have been bound into a journal to give away. This week is Group #3 and I am the binder so the winner of ours will be announced on my channel. Here are some photos of the art journal we will be giving away :)

The art on the covers is mine and I did the first page inside as well a ATC inside. Six other artists... Amy Love, APG Jamie, Yva Lovee' Arts, Gulfsprite, Hanny Tromp, and Nina Ribena..have made pages and ATCs that are included in the journal as well. To have a chance to win this fun prize...simply go to my video link here..

And watch and leave a comment starting with the words 'ENTER ME'. Then follow along the list of videos in the description box below my video and post 'enter me' comments on all of them as well for more chances to win! Fun and easy right? Enjoy!

<3 Shel


  1. Beautiful cover Shel!!
    What a great idea for a hop- you gals are all so talented!
    Jackie xx

    1. Thank you Jackie :) It was a very fun collaboration and I enjoyed it. I kinda wish I could keep the journal though LOL

  2. That's just plain luscious, Shel - beautifully done!

  3. Enter me. Love the journal.beautiful expressive eyes

  4. My iPad diedied,and I can't comment on YouTubefrom my Samsung tablet. Always watching your new videos and giving you a thumbs Up! Really love the "fisherman" scene.


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