Friday, November 20, 2015

Lots of Pictures of Art Journal Pages!

Hello Friends,

Those of you who follow my blog might be wondering what I have been doing with myself lately. Really light on the blog writing right? Well let me tell you. You know I am on a design team over at Well these ladies who are on the team with me have become good friends. I need other people who are as crazy about art as I am to talk to. We use the Google Hangouts ap and we talk A LOT. So several of us wanted to join in on the NaNoJouMo art journaling challenge which was started by Dawn Sokol. It is a idea that you should get in the habit of art journaling everyday. It is relaxing and creative and fun! So...I decided to start doing it on November 10th (10 days late but hey) and on the 11th I challenged some of the other KSDTers to do it to! Well 3 of them took up the challenge. We made up our own prompts for each day and we have been making a page a day. We have also been making a process video for YouTube for each page. I had no idea how all consuming such an undertaking would be! But I am not a quitter...I will continue making one a day until the last day of November...then I will need a long Winter's nap for sure! To watch our videos you can click HERE. This is a link to our playlist. If you just want my videos only then click HERE. That will take you to my fairly new YouTube channel. Here are the photos of all my pages up until November 20th :) Enjoy!

Those are going back in time from the 20th to the 10th :) They are all in my Gelli Jumpstart Journal. You can see this journal HERE
I hope you like them!
<3 Shel


  1. Wow, some lovely journal pages here, Shel. I've been keeping track on Google+, but it's great to see them all together.

    1. Thank you +Tracy :) I am glad you are following along but they do make an impact in a big line like that! lol


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