Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Peaceful Fish Gelli Collage- WOYWW #317

Hello Friends and Fellow Desk Hoppers :)

It has been several Wednesdays since I last desk snooped with all of you :(. In order to show an interesting desk..I must actually be doing something on it. AND..I must blog about the interesting thing I am doing. So, the conclusion is..I have too been busy or too lazy. It is actually the first one :) For those of you who are not sure what desk snooping is..check out the linky party at Stamping Ground blog and join in the fun and adventure! So here is my desk as of late Tuesday night right before I finished my peaceful fish project.... quite horrible...and if you could see the floor...oh my...

But here is my finished project ..much prettier to view! :) I am quite in love with it and it does look better in person due to the shimmery bits that just won't show up in a photo.

So, let me tell you a bit about what happens in my brain. I got a new toy...a 4" round Gelli plate and I wanted to play with it. So I was doing that...making these gorgeous circles. I had a new texture toy I had made using bits left over from trimming a rubber stamp set and I decided to try it out on my Gelli plate. Well, once I had tried it the image it made reminded me of bamboo...which made me think of Asian stuff. Then..I thought of Japanese koi fish. I had made a trout last Saturday for my Kraaft Shaak Design Team post so I guess I have fish on the brain. And so off I went :) 

The first thing I did was to make some bamboo looking Gelli printed deli paper. I decided to use my 5" X 7" Gelli plate instead of the round because bamboo seems long and tall. I used several colors of green and teal acrylic paints, and even some shimmery Pebeo Dyna acrylics

I planned to use a 12" X 12" canvas that is prepped in white...but after watching the Kraaft It Live 6/30/15 , I changed my mind to working on black instead. So I prepped my canvas with black gesso.

Then I started to make my collage using my Gelli printed paper. I tore it into long strips and glued it down using Matte Gel Medium. I kept putting on strips until I was satisfied with the way it looked. It reminds me of water weeds in a pond where my koi fish might live.

Now for my fish. I used deli paper again and a graphite pencil. I looked at some Japanese koi fish drawings on a tattoo site online and decided I liked the look. So I sketched some in that style onto my paper. I also looked up the Japanese symbol for 'peace' and printed it out. I laid out my design onto the canvas until I was happy. I cut out and painted over the symbol to make it darker with black gesso and then attached it to the canvas using matte gel medium.

Now for some more Gelli printing! I got out colors of yellows, oranges, reds & golds from my acrylic stash. I also looked for any stencils that had round shapes on them. This time I used my 4" round Gelli plate. I layered colors and stencils and printed and layered some more until I got some prints that reminded me of koi fish scales.

Next I took my sketches and cut them in to sections where I wanted different colors of the prints. Then I simply flipped the prints to the back, flipped the pieces over, and glued them onto the prints using matte liquid medium. This way, I could cut out the pieces once the medium was dried, and piece together my fish. I used matte gel medium to attach the pieces to the canvas.

Once my fish were assembled onto the canvas and everything was nice and dry, I used Posca pens to add details. I also outlined the symbol with a fine copper Sharpie poster pen.

My final step was to use my QuickCuts tiny die cutter to cut out letters from black cardstock. I attached the word 'Peace' on the lower right side of the canvas using matte gel medium and then outlined it with copper to match the symbol.

I hope you enjoyed my project and are inspired to get out a Gelli plate and make something!
Oh and don't forget to order your Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit with my coupon SAVE5SHEL before July 15th :)
<3 Shel

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spark of Creativity Saturday - Masculine Mixed Media & A Coupon!

Hello Blog Friends :)

Today is the day! It is Spark of Creativity Saturday! Sadly for me, it is also my final post for the Kraaft Shaak Design Team. I have so enjoyed being a part of this team and getting to know these fun loving and creative ladies! <3 I will miss this group. But one must soldier on. So what did I make for my final project? Well...I wanted to be different (big surprise) and I so I decided to make a MASCULINE mixed media project. After all..it is June and the month we honor all the men in our lives. Those who made us, those who support us, those who love us. As I was looking at my the last bits of my Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit, I saw some paper that looked like fish scales and a finding that looked like a reel from a fishing rod...so I got my idea... a project that is about fishing! Many of the men in several generations of my family have loved this hobby/sport, so that seemed like a perfect fit:) So here it is...my mixed media masculine fishing art!

But before I get to my process..let me share with you my coupon for my followers to get $5 off an exclusive Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit!! As you know if you have been following along, all my Design Team projects have been made using this kit...so get yours from today until July 15th today using the coupon code SAVE5SHEL at the Kraaft Shaak Shop :)


OK, now for my project step out :) So to begin my process, I wanted to make something that had a lot of dimension. That was big enough to stand out as art on a wall. I decided to use a 12"X12" canvas, but instead of using it on the front I decided to make a shadow box effect by using it from the back. Of course, the back is very rough and not prepared...so I covered all of it using Heavy Gesso in white by Prima.

While the gesso was drying, I worked on my focal point...my rainbow trout. I started with that paper from my Mixed Media KitI mentioned before. The one that reminded me of fish scales shining in the sun. I drew my jumping trout on the paper using a graphite pencil and then cut it out. Then I painted it with acrylic paints mixed with gloss medium. When that was all dry I added some fun art ingredients from my kit. Copper Micro BeadsPearl Glass Glitter, and Charcol Art Sugar Glitter. I used 3D Gloss Gel to attach all my sparkly things.

Next I went back to my canvas. I wanted to cover all the staples and wood edges and make it more uniform. So I decided to use the papers I had left from my Mixed Media Kit to do a nice collage. I used gel matte medium to attach the papers, going over and around the edges. I was lucky I had one piece of map page left because that one was perfect for the look of this project with all the blue water.

When all my paper collage was dry I decided to use some of the Copper Crackle Paste I got as an option in my Mixed Media Kit. Of all the metallic finishes, copper is my favorite. I love how this paste turns into a crackle texture when it is dry. I applied it randomly around the outside of the frame using a spatula. Then I decided to use my kit sample of Gold Leaf Mica Flakes on the frame as well. I used tacky glue drops to attach the flakes in trails around the frame.

Now for the inside of the frame. (yes I know normal people would do the inside before the outside :) I painted over the inside box with a coat of watered down white gesso to unify it. Then I drew a scene using my graphite pencil.

Next, I painted my scene using my favorite watercolor set. It is a Japanese set made by Kuretake. I like it because the paint is heavily pigmented and can be almost opaque...but can be thinned out with water to make it translucent as well.

Now for  some more bling :) In the area where I painted the splash of the trout jumping from the water, I added some Cobalt Glass Beads from my Mixed Media Kit. I also added some clear dried drops of acrylic. Do you remember my first project with the Kraaft Shaak Design Team... the tray that came with my kit ? Well back then I used some Envirotex to fill up the tray and make a clear hard surface. The excess Envirotex I dropped onto a Craft Sheet and allowed to dry. These little clear acrylic drops are from that. They look like water droplets when adhered with 3D Gloss Gel.

Next I looked at my layout. I attached my now dry rainbow trout to the right side of the frame as if he was jumping out of the water. I used 3D Gloss Gel as glue.

Then I needed some more parts to go with the finding from Finnabair Mechanical 
  that came in my kit. I used a dowel stained with some watered down acrylic paint for the 'fishing rod' and then a wooden bead and a red glass bead to make the handle on top of the finding. Then I made a 'fly' using some furry yarn and a bit of vellum paper and a bead and glued this onto a hook I got from the family fishing kit. I tied some fishing line to the pole and added my fly and then glued the other end to the back of my fish. The effect is that my fish is jumping to catch the fly.

My last step was to add a sentiment. I used a die cut frame that was in my Mixed Media Kit. I sponged the edge of it using some distress ink. Then I cut a piece of vellum paper that fit the inside. I traced the inside frame onto a piece of scrap and wrote my sentiment. Then placed the vellum over the top and traced it with my favorite black Posca Pen. Then I attached the vellum to the back of the frame and attached the whole thing to the canvas using pop dots.

I hope you have enjoyed my final post with the Kraaft Shaak Design Team. The new team will be starting in July with Beth, Peg, Sheri and the team leader Sandra. Be sure to check them out! And don't forget to order your awesome Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media Kit using the code SAVE5SHEL! 
<3 Shel

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Very Late "Tag It Tuesday" Tag...

Hello Blog Friends!

It has been SO LONG since I made a new blog post...or even made art. I have been gone from my home and all over the place since the beginning of June. I helped a kid move apartments in Flagstaff, visited friends in Palmdale, and spent several nights caretaking in the hospital. Whew...I am finally home and time to try to get caught up. This week was 'Tag It Tuesday' Linky Party at my friend Sheri's blog. ..Cards and More by Sheri. So here is my 'Wings of Summer' themed tag.

I started my tag with a tag I had laying around that I had used to blot off excess Dylusions Spray ink from a swirly stencil. There is always so much ink I don't want to waste when I spray...so I blot the extra on a blank tag or a journal page for later. I rolled some clear gesso over my tag in an attempt to seal in the ink. Dylusions is so reactional to wet media..it bleeds into anything and I was not sure what I was putting over it.

Next I decided to try out my new Dylusions paints. I got a few colors after watching several videos of people talking them up. I just barely touched the paint in the lid with a sponge and then applied it to my tag using a circular motion. It went on very smooth and a tiny bit went a long way. It dried matte which is what I prefer for finishes. I rubbed the excess paint onto my paper mat to change colors. and the paint washed right out of the sponge with a bit of water when I was done.

Next I decided to try out some molding paste. My friend Heather over at the Kraaft Shaak Shop is pretty brilliant. She takes the big bottles of paints and mediums and makes samples of them so you can try several products before actually investing in a big expensive tub. I have a sample of the Prima Light Modeling Paste here that I am trying.  It is very smooth and dried very quickly. I like it better then my homemade paste. I also got a sample of the heavier paste to try later as well.

Next I decided to add a bit of shimmery drips and drops with some Pebeo Dyna paints. I like the way drips work with texture. Running through and around it. I mixed the paint with a lot of water and then dripped it using a plastic pipette.

While all that background was drying I decided to draw something for the foreground. The theme for this month was 'wings of summer'  so anything you might see flitting about like butterflies, dragonflies, birds. I wanted a image of a person encouraging a bird to take flight.

I colored my image using the same paints and some Neocolor II water soluble crayons. Then I reinforced the lines with a black Posca pen.

Then I fussy cut my figure out and glued it to my tag using gel medium under and over it.

I cut out the letters for the word 'fly' from a scrap of black card stock using my hand die cutting machine. I attached those to the tag using gel medium.

To finish the tag I added some sheer black ribbon and some shiny teal twine to the top. I added in some more shimmer using a Wink of Stella pen.

I hope you liked my tag :) Tune in on Saturday for my final project on the design team for Kraaft Shaak Spark Some Creativity Saturday. 

<3 Shel