Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Happy New Year Wish

Hello My Friends,

It is that time of year...the old year is fading away to the past and the new year's bright horizon is in sight. I want to thank every one of you for a great blogging year! For you support and your kind comments. For your assistance in making me believe in myself and my art. And for your instance that I do have something valuable to share with the community. Thank you..really... THANK YOU!

My last share for the year is a very sentimental mixed media canvas I did for my Mother as a gift. It is a painting of her dog Rocky. He was a long hair dapple dashound. Sadly he passed away this year.. He was a sweet dog and made a big impression on all of our family. Now he is a doggy angel but he is still much missed.

If you are interested in seeing this piece being made...I have a video up on my Youtube channel.

So what is coming for PaperOcotillStudio in 2016? I will be writing blog posts of course! But I am really getting into making videos. I know there are those of you who like my photo step outs ...and I will continue to do those. My challenge has been remembering to take photos as I am also videoing..LOL. I use my iPhone 6+ to do both the photos and the video taping...tricky! So here is a list of 6 things I know I will for sure be doing in 2016 :)
  1. An exciting new collaboration called the 'Pick A Stick Challenge'. The four of us who encouraged each other this November during the NaNoJouMo page/video a day challenge are collaborating again :) We have named ourselves 'Fab4' and have a new hashtag #fab4creates. At the beginning of each month we will be randomly drawing 10 steps from our inspiration sticks and then each of us will do a page/canvas using these steps. We have formed a Facebook group for those who want to join in with each challenge where you can post your creations!
  2. I will be designing for 'Canvas Corp'.  Makers of the brands Tattered Angels and 7Gypsies. I am still unsure of the exact dates or details of this and I have not yet figured out how to order my supplies from them for this challenge ...but it is on my list to do soon! 
  3. I will be doing art journal challenges each week with 'Colour Me Positive' from Lulu Art. I will do either a step out or a tutorial video for each of these. One a week.
  4. I will be doing the hashtag events with the Creative Arts Collaboration each month on Youtube. This is where you can search a their hashtag and come up with lots of great videos from all sorts of creative people in the art community of Youtube.
  5. I have agreed to participate in a group who does video hops on Youtube. This will be where several people make a 10 minute video of something creative and the videos are linked together in a list in the description box so you can hop hop hop from one to another.
  6. I will be making altered tags every these! Both for the tag swap on the G+ community called 'Creating and Sharing Mixed Media' and for the Tag it Tuesday event on the Cards and more by Sheri blog.

There will be lots of other things for me to do and share this upcoming year...but these are ones that I know of so far :) 

My wish for you all this coming 2016 year is that you are happy, healthy and creative! I can't wait to see everything you will be making!
<3 Shel

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Big Red Flower Painting - Gifted

Hello Friends,

Whew...the craziness busyness of the holiday season is beginning to wind down. I have several art projects I made over the last couple of weeks to share. I could not share them until the people they were gifted to had opened the packages. Those people who received art from me are also those who support my artistic endeavours by following my blog and videos. They even like and comment on my stuff :) So the first one I will share here is the two foot by two foot painting I did for my best friend Cindy. She likes red..a lot... so many of the things I make for her feature that color. She told me she has a whole wall of art that needs more art to fill it. So, I made a large canvas! With the exception of the lighted Christmas tree canvases I made last year...this is the biggest canvas I have done. I think that is because my desk is small and so I have to work on large things elsewhere. I set up a folding table in another room and usually stand up to do the big things which is where this started. I now see why people paint with easels. It is hard to see what your composition looks like when it is laying flat on a table. Your perception is skewed. But since I do mixed media with much collage and drips and splatters..I don't think I am becoming a easel sort of painter. I am not sure what the happy medium is either LOL. I have many larger canvases in my closet but am not sure they will get used soon! So anyway..enough with the rambling on! Here is the canvas.

It started out as a collage using red and green scraps and text paper.

Then I went over it with some watered down gesso to make a flatter tone.

Then I used some modeling paste and a few stencils to make some texture in random places.

Next came some spray and liquid inks. 

Then I started the base layer of my image using Neocolor II water soluble crayons. I blended with some watered down white acrylic paint and a brush to activate the colors.

After a few days I came back to the project and added in  fluid acrylic paints. I used Decoart media line paints. I really like the liquid feel of these paints.

To finish up the piece I added scribbley lines using watered down black paint in a fine tip bottle and some drips and splatters with liquid acrylic ink. 

I also added some positive words along the petals in some areas

And I did some finger painting to bring out texture.

I hope you enjoyed my project. Watch for a couple more 'gifted projects' coming soon on video on my Youtube channel. This one was so big I just took photos..
<3 Shel

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tag It Tuesday - Winter Princess Tag

Hello Friends :)

Today is Tag It Tuesday over at Cards and More by Sheri blog. A fun little blog link up party. The theme is Winter/Christmas. Well I laid in bed most of the day yesterday because I was not feeling that this morning I got up bright and early to make my tag. I went outside to drive my kid to school..and there was FROST! on my windshield! That is just crazy for where I live.. My tag is inspired by a frosty Winter photo I pinned  on Pinterest.. A red hair girl wearing red and green. She must be a Winter princess as she was wearing a wreath type crown. I decided to do a quick sketch inspired by the photo...and then put my own spin on it. Notice..I did not say 'portrait'...I said 'inspired by' :) I wish I could do the realistic portraits that I some people do..but I am just not skilled enough. So here is my Winter Princess tag..inspired by the photo.

I started my tag with a recycled piece of manila card from a old folder. It is cut into a 3" X 7" piece and then coated with white gesso.  Here you can see my pencil sketch next to the photo. I used a soft graphite pencil.

Next I decided to to some coloring in with my SEI brush markers from Japan. These are literally a brush on the end. An American company has come out with the same sort of markers..but these came all the way from Japan...took forever! LOL I used the marker and then in some cases blended with my water barrel brush. I also used the water brush to remove color in some areas for high lights. In the sky I used some table salt to make a interesting pattern while the ink was wet.

For my traditional Holly crown I used scraps of painted papers from my green color scrap box. There were all gelli print scraps. I cute out small Holly leaves and glued them on with Alieens tacky glue. Then I got out some heavy body red paint and added dots using a ball stylus for berries.

After a good drying with my heat tool..I added some highlights using my white Posca pen.

Then to finish off the tag I added a layers of green and red cardstock and some ribbons. I also added dots of diamond colored Stickles glitter glue to add some sparkle :)

I hope you enjoyed my tag. The video of this project will be up soon on my Youtube channel.
Be sure to pop on over to the blog hop at Cards and More by Sheri to see more wintery altered tags :)
<3 Shel

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A canvas, a doll, a book, and a mess - WOYWW # 340

Hello Fellow Deskers and Friends :)

Let us get the question over with..what is a desker? Find why and how HERE.
So here is another edition of what I have been up to lately. With the holiday present making and trying to video everything I make for Youtube people who keep subscribing and commenting (I love you people!) I have been busy. Of course I should be done with presents that need to go in the mail by now..but I am not. I hear that December 14th is the last day to mail for Christmas...guess I am shooting for that date!!! So, for inquiring is my mess of a desk...

You can see the remains of the last few days projects and the planning for the next. On the left is the tray of beads and tools I used in my Angel art doll ornament project...still not put away! She has to go in the mail TODAY...and well there is grocery shopping and my car needs gas I guess there will be a trip.


On the right side of the photo is a stack of my color boxes. These are too lovely to throw away scraps of papers that I sort into color coordinated boxes for my collage. I used those yesterday in my very first Creative Arts Collaboration event on Youtube. I made a skater girl canvas which goes live today at 8:00 AM my time. If you don't know about these is like a art show with how to videos on Youtube. Some of the people who create artistic content thought they should get more they banded together and have a monthly art event. I joined up last month and so here I am in the event this month :) How does it work? You just go over to Youtube and type in the hashtag #LoveWinterArt in the search bar and you get tons of creative people making creative things on video..very cool!


In the center of the desk is a unassuming looking cocoa packet box. Well that is the future art journal I am making today (hopefully I have time after shopping and gas and the post office!) I will be covering it with Gelli prints and sewing in signatures made of watercolor paper. It is to be one of those gifts I have been talking about making :)

I hope everyone is having a merry season with their creating! Off to visit some desks now..
<3 Shel

Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Mixed Media Holiday Cards

Hello Friends :)

I usually make my holiday cards every year. I didn't say always...because I have skipped a year here and there. But I do try :) I have a long history of rubber stamping...So I have used that as my method of card making for years upon years. I think it is a perfect way to make cards...but it isn't the only way. This year I decided to let my cards reflect my love of mixed media. Lots of textures and layers and crazy in your face color. However, I did not want to do this one by one... painstakingly creating masterpieces that will probably go right into the bin after Christmas. I came up with an idea to do my cards semi assembly line style (except I just can't make the same thing over and over after years of mass card making for convention swaps). I decided to use Gelli printing as my base layers by creating a mixed media masterboard. Then that lovely piece could be cut up and be the base element on my cards. It worked just lovely :) My first one netted me 19 cards and 8 package tags. I will be making another board with the left over prints. I already had 10 cards created with scraps from a art journal I am up to a cool 29 already! This was a fun and easy project and a quick way to make cards that represent my style :)

If you want to see how I did can watch my Part 1 and Part 2 videos on my Youtube channel..

Part 1 - The Gelli printing

Part 2 -  The mixed media masterboard and card assembly

And here are the card designs I completed so far :) Maybe you will get one in the mail.

I hope you like my card idea and will be inspired. If you are..leave me a comment!
< Shel

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WOYWW #339 - Mostly the Rest of the Book.

Hello Friends and Desk Hoppers,

I have not seen you in awhile. Life is crazy and every time I think about writing a blog post it is never Wednesday! I was planning on writing this one yesterday, but instead I made cookies and then packed a great big sweets and cocoa filled care package for my kid who is living away. Don't worry..I sent a gift card for a grocery store too so he won't live on cookies alone :) So This morning I am hurrying to get this post written and up for WOYWW! I want to run around and visit desks I have not seen in awhile :) (If you are confused...WOYWW is a blog hop linky party hosted by the fabulous Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground..check it out).

So, you ask, what is happening on my desk. Well today I do plan to start working on a big project. It is a 2 foot by 2 foot canvas so it will not fit on my desk at all! I will have to do it on my cutting table in another room and stand up through the whole process. It is a Christmas gift and I can't show you yet because the recipient reads my blog! So I will show you the rest of my book instead. Throughout the month of November I became a real lift Youtube channel content maker..LOL. I made 20 videos in 21 days all filled with my art journal pages. You see this blogger named Dawn Sokol declared November to be National Nonstop Journaling Month and challenged the known universe to art journal everyday! I accepted the challenge and then one upped it by challenging a few of my friends to make a video about it everyday as well. You can tell by the number 20 in 21..I missed a day...but that is pretty good. I did write a blog post the other day showing photos of all the pages I had done to that can see that HERE. And now I will show you the rest of the book :) OK, well there is 9 1/2 pages left in the book I have not journaled yet...but I will..I promise!
Here we go with the photos....

If you wanted to watch me make any of these pages...they are all right here at my 

And on December 1st I rested...ok..I made cookies and went to the post office and the grocery store and did laundry and made spaghetti and and and...but I DID NOT art journal :)

I hope you enjoy my pages and my silliness...leave me a comment if you did.
<3 Shel