Friday, January 29, 2016

First Video for Pick A Stick Challenge Collaboration

Hello Friends,

Recently I have been delving deeper into the Youtube art community and I have discovered the most popular trend right now is collaboration. There are hashtag events, virtual art crawls, swap video hops...all sorts of things people are doing together to make creative content for Youtube. Joining up with some of these collaborations really makes my heart happy! I am very isolated in my studio. Some might say I am a hermit :) I don't go out looking for other artists, although I have heard there is a large artistic community where I live. I have had some rather negative experiences with groups in real life. So being able to safely reach out to others on the internet from behind the screen appeals to me.
Some of you may remember that I played with a few of the people from the Kraaft Shaak design team in November doing a art journal page with a video everyday for the NaNoJouMo challenge. National nonstop art journaling month. Well, these three creative ladies and I had so much fun that we decided to continue our collaboration for the 2016 year.We made up a project called Pick A Stick Challenge. We each made a set of  popsicle sticks with prompts/steps on them. Directional ideas that tell you what to do next. Then we decided we would pick 10 sticks on the first Friday of each month of this year, then produce a video using the 10 steps on a art project to release on the last Friday of each month. We opened up the challenge to whomever wants to play along by making a Facebook group people can join.
The challenge is for any media. You can make a art journal page or a canvas or a 3D piece. The only rule is that you have to do all the steps, and in the order they were picked. Other then that..everything is open to interpretation. For example, this month one of the steps was 'add gears'. This can be actual metal gears glued on, stenciled gears, gears made of tin foil, pictures of gears, paper gears, anything you can imagine is fine. Just have fun using the inspiration of the 'fate picked' prompts to make your art!
So without further ado...what a funny phrase that is! Here is my project for the month of January. The steps/prompts were...

I chose to do an art journal page. When I saw 'use gears' followed by 'add a verse from a song' my idea became to do a homage to a band called Imagine Dragons and their song 'Radioactive'. My interpretation of the song is that it is a call to wake up and see what our lifestyle is doing to the environment. So my page is grungy with a rusty iron gear as a fading sun. The sun is over a cityscape full of tall buildings. Just for fun, a dragon is perched on top of a tall building overlooking the city below. Although I don't LOVE  how the page turned out this month..I did learn a lot of things about new mediums. And I think it says what I meant to say :)

Here is the video of my process from my Youtube channel.

I hope you like my project this month for our Pick A Stick Challenge. Perhaps you will join our Facebook group and play along next month :)
<3 Shel

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunshine Makes Me Happy - Tag it Tuesday

Hello Friends :)

Today is time to share my altered tag for Tag it Tuesday over at Cards and More by Sheri blog. Every month we link up our posts about a tag we created using the theme Sheri chose. This month the theme is all about the color Buttercup. A bright and vibrant yellow. Perfect to cheer up the dark days of Winter :)

The first think I did was use the Pantone website to find out the RGB codes for this color. Then I made a document in Microsoft Publisher, picked a shape, and filled it with the color. Yup..bright yellow! It made me think of sunshine for sure :) Then I got a tag and some cardstock I had that I thought matched well and started to design my tag. 

I wanted to try out an exercise that some say helps learn about shadows and highlights of faces, so I picked a photo from an ad (Stevia) to use. The girl had on a bright yellow tank top..perfect. I attached the thin paper to my tag using my new glue stick...Elmer's Xtreme. People who do a lot of collage with magazine papers have recommended this, so I spent the $2.50 to get some. 

Next I sealed my photo using some Decoarts deco page medium. I knew I would be putting lots of wet media over the top and I wanted that thin flimsy paper to to sealed up.

There were some words printed over my photo, so I got our some white gesso and covered them over as best I could. 

Then I got out my favorite Neocolor II water soluble crayons and started to play! 

I began with colors that existed in the photo. Intensifying them and also camouflaging my white gesso areas.I blended the colors using a water brush and some white acrylic paint to make the colors more permanent.

When that was all complete, I added bright colors that were not existing in the image. Orange, Lime Green, bright Blues and Purples. This creates a 'Pop Art' type effect. Very FUN!

When I felt my tag was completely colored with crayons...I added pure white highlights using my white Posca pen. I blended most of them using my finger.

Next, I got out yellow and bright orange acrylic paint on my palette. I used my fan brush to blend in some water and then tapped it for splatters on my tag.

I added my sentiment which I printed off from the computer...cutting it apart and collaging it on. I added some black lines around it with my black Posca pen.

To finish up my tag, I added a blue and then a yellow cardstock backing. I put on some ribbons at the top in the same colors and added a gold metallic string to tie it off.

I hope you enjoyed my tag and be sure to join in the link up with your Buttercup tag at Cards and More by Sheri
<3 Shel

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mixed Media Home Decoration - Canvas Corp Creative Crew

Hello All :)

I have not yet really mentioned very much about my assignment to the design team for Canvas Corp Brands this year. I applied and was accepted in November or December....but I have been working my way into finding out about their products and my responsibilities as a 'Canvas Corp Creative Crew' member!
For those who have not heard of Canvas Corp Brands, they have three brands under one umbrella. 'Canvas Corp' covers products such as papers and sewn canvas and burlap items. Also stretched canvases. Then they also have Tattered Angels which has many types of sprays and paints and glazes. I am sure most of you have used or seen Tattered Angels Glimmer it was one of the first mica infused ink sprays to come out on the market. The third brand in the set is 7 Gypsies. They have printed papers as well as ephemera and findings. rub ons, tissue tapes, etc..all in a vintage style. I am starting out this journey with a grand total of 3 mists in my 'collection' of Canvas Corp products LOL. I had to make an order!
Well, my order has not arrived yet but there was a challenge I found interesting to try. Canvas Corp is pairing up this month with a blog site called Words and Paintery . This site offers a monthly color board challenge paired with a quote or phrase to inspire you.
You know I love me a good color challenge! So off I went to search around my town for a few Canvas Corp products to try this challenge! I was successful in finding some red and brown options..but no blue products at all. I also found some 7 Gypsies scrapbooking paper and rub ons. Also a few cards of charms and some tissue type tape. So I was off to a good start.

Here is the project I came up with :)

I also made a video of my process making this project. If you are interested in watching it here is the link :)

Canvas Corp Brands Products Used: SHOP HERE
7 Gypsies 8X8 Paper Pad - Gypsy Moments
Plain Jane Baseboard Paints - Fire, Clay, Cardboard, Ivory
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist - Kraft
7 Gypsies Charms - Large Heart
7 Gyspsies Rub Ons - Steam Punk Numbers
7 Gypsies Paper Tape - Postale

<3 Shel

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mixed Media Art Journal Page Colour Me Positive Prompt #1 - WOYWW #344

Hello Friends and Desk Hoppers :)

If you don't know about weekly desk hopping...check out the lovely Julia Dunnit's blog at Stamping Ground :) So, I told everyone in my last blog post about my art plans for the year. I mentioned I was going to join the group at Colour Me Positive and follow along with the art journaling prompts they are offering. Well..I have made it through one whole week so far! Last year I made it with the prompts from Daily Life Project all the way until the first week in May, so let's see if I can go farther this year! Here is my page I made for the prompt 'gratitude'.

I did my best to take process photos as I was filming for those who prefer the step out of my projects :) I started by getting out my Dylusions paints. I had rather forgot about them and I wanted to play with the super vibrant colors again. I had no concept or idea for this page I just planned to fake it til I make it :) I smeared around three nice cool colors with a make up sponge until I liked the effect.

Next I got out my archival black pad and stamped the word 'gratitude' with a set of stencil looking stamps from Stampin' Up!. I should have done this later but I was just playing trying to get an idea.

Next I decided I wanted some pattern on my page so I got out a leaf stencil and diluted some of the green paint with white to stencil on some leaves. Then..I had to touch up my stamped letters LOL. I also collaged on the quote which was offered as part of the prompt from Colour Me Positive

Next I decided to do some journaling about the things I was particularly grateful for in 2015. I didn't want these very personal words to be read by whomever maybe see my page. They are only for I did the writing using a Wink of Stella marker. This has just clear ink with some tiny glitter so it is barely visible..but I know it is there

Next I decided I needed some sort of focal point for the page. I was thinking to myself..what does gratitude look like visually? I came up with the idea of a person with their hands over their heart and eyes closed as if contemplating. This pose to me says 'thank you'. So I drew her on mixed media paper and cut her out. But dang it! my sketch was too small. So, instead of redrawing it...I scanned it and printed it larger. That totally worked! I collaged her on and then colored with Neocolor II water soluble crayons :)

The next thing I did was to use my Stabilo all black pencil to make shadows around the girl and the words. I also Added some highlights with a white Posca pen at this step but its not in the photo.

Then to fill in that blank space between the girl and the quite I added some stamped flower heads with a stamp from Stampin' Up!. Then I drew stems and leaves with a black Fude Ball pen. I colored my flowers with a brush and the Dylusions paints. I added highlights to these with my white posca pen.

I think my girl has a very serene looking face. She looks full of gratitude for all the blessings of the past year and hopeful for 2016.

I hope you enjoyed this mixed media art journal page :) If you did leave me a comment below!
<3 Shel